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July 22, 1972 - May 19, 2018
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"Dedicated to Dani Roesel, you may have left us, but we will always remember all of your kindness, love, and laughter! Rest easy."

Dani will forever be remembered as a loving friend, daughter, mother, sister, niece and grandmother, or Gigi as she liked to be called.  She was an amazing wife, best friend and soul mate to her loving husband Mike for 28 years. For those who had the good fortune of being included in Dani’s life we will always see her smile, hear her infectious laughter and know the desire she had to bring joy and happiness to those she held special. She was an exceptional human being full of love, generosity, kindness, fun, adventure and a zest for life. She embodied all that is good in this world. One of her greatest gifts was the love she had for her husband, a love that grew stronger over time solidified by a friendship that never waned; he will forever hold her in his heart…Dani treasured times spent with her family and friends and cherished holidays when she could share stories and laugh with everyone. Near to her heart was being able to hold her grandchildren and spending vacations with her husband and family, never far from the ocean. As a person that took delight in helping others Dani worked in elder care facilities for many years. She was an organ donor and will continue to spread her spirit to many through her selfless gift. Dani is missed by many as she has left us way to soon!



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Dani Roesel

Our memory of Dani was a sweet 16 yr old girl in love with a young curly hair guy. So sweet , so in love. A beautiful smile with those eyes .A friendship that was chersid from that day. You not only brought joy to us you shared your joy through out. How blessed we all were. You continued to share that Dani by giving the gift of life to others. They will live on in your beauty. Lucky them . Lucky us. How lucky we all are to have had just a little bit of you always! XO Alawys in ours ? ken & shell

Ken & Shelley jolicoeur Jul 14 2018

Dani will always be in my heart with the most wonderful memories! Each and every time i saw her i got the bigest most genuine smile which in turn automaticaly made me smile every time! I loved her like my own sister. One of the best things about being around her was she loved life and always had a positive effect every minute of every day! I only wish i could have said all of this and more face to face! She will always be one of my very best friends ! I will never ever forget the good times we had over all the years!

Paul Audet Jul 11 2018

Dani & I met through work at NH state hospital in 1995…. from that moment on , we became the best of friends & shared many laughs & made tonnes of memories with each other & our families . After I moved back to Canada in 2005, we remained in touch & always checked in to see how each other was doing. She sent me a message just a couple of weeks before she passed checking in with me as I had lost another best friend at that time ….. she was always thinking of other people & always had that beautiful smile on her face . I always wanted her & Mike to come to Cape Breton Island Canada to see my beautiful island , as I know they would have loved it because it is surrounded by the ocean which she loved so much. Dani , you were such a wonderful best friend & you will live on in the lives of other because of your giving nature & love for other people. May you rest in peace my friend . Love you

Tracy LeBlanc Jul 11 2018

Your smile will always guide me through my journey of life even though you may not be here with me, You will forever be by my side and in my heart. I’m so grateful to have had an older sister like you to teach me how to stay young but also teaching me to be grateful honest and happy I love you meshoe?

Chelsey Cooper Jul 02 2018

Dani, my best friend of 31 years my life will never be the same. I miss you and love you so much. Lisa Jean aka bestie

Lisa Pond Jun 28 2018

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