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January 9th 2001-July 7th 2019
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"Christopher was a bright loving young man with a heart of gold.He loved music and writing poetry and loved his family very much...."



Christopher was one of a kind he loved his music and when we say music he loved all kinds not only did he like the beat of the music but the words in a song would really speak to him.Christopher was a character he spent a lot of his childhood creating YouTube videos in which he believed one day would land him the big one.Chris later on in life at the age of 13 was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.An auto immune disease that soon took over his way of thinking so poetry became a part of his life.He fell in love with writing.It was a way for him to express his feelings. He would write about anything under the sun.A famous “You can’t find love in a tackle store”.Christopher’s writing would also express some of the dark feelings he would battle with on a day to day basis.Christopher was loved dearly by so many and though Christopher life was cut short here on earth his memories he left for us to keep forever in our hearts and thoughts will follow us until we have a chance to meet again…..

Too my dear angel in heaven I just want you to know that you are always in our thoughts and how much we love you so…We know you are in gods care that is how it should be but when we get to heaven he will give you back to us……

One day a special someone will be able to see the worlds beauty and true colors through your eyes….

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Celebrate the Life of
Christopher Johnson

I love and miss you so much my sweet boy I’ll never forget that smile that would light up a dark room. Your jokes that created lots of laughs.Those beautiful big hazel eyes.....and your loving soul....Rest peacefully sweet heart....

Rebecca johnson Jul 27 2019

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