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10/24/1993 - 1/25/2012
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"To my son Christopher, a true friend, caring son, and loving brother. All my love, Mom"

Christopher Charles Daniels was not just a young man but a graduating senior (2012) joining the Marines. Chris was a 6′ tall red head with an awesome smile and eyes that just melt your heart. He had a loving heart and a trusting soul. He loved his siblings and adored his nieces. He liked animals but was partial to dogs. He worked to earn money for things that he wanted. He didn’t care for school but always did his best. He played one year of T-ball and football from 6 to 16 years of age for the Antioch Redskins. He liked to shoot hoops and jump on his trampoline. Chris started racing dirt bikes at the Bartow and Dade City dirt tracks. Chris liked to go camping and throw a football around camp. He and his brother always kept the fire going strong.

Chris’ favorite meal was fried chicken with mashed potatoes and ice cream for desert. His favorite color was green. There are so many things that can be told about my son, but I can’t explain how great he was and how much he cared about me. He always made me laugh when I was sad or upset and he told me that I was pretty or skinny to make me feel better. Chris always looked out for me and was never ashamed for anyone to know that he loved his mom. He said his prayers at bedtime and blessings at dinner. He always remembered Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. I taught him to drive a standard shift motor and he tried to teach me to ride his dirt bike. We skated together and he would hold my hand because I was slower. Chris was always happy and smiling and very energetic. He didn’t play much video games, he was usually outside. He liked his bicycles too. Chris liked to go to the beach at night with his brother and sister to walk in the water and build stuff in the sand. Chris was an amazing guy and I know that he would be proud to be an organ donor because that’s what my son did; he helped others.

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Celebrate the Life of
Christopher C. Daniels

My sweet Nephew. You are so loved and missed. You will never be forgotten. Fly with the angels. Love Aunt Nat and Uncle Johnny Boy

Aunt Nat Oct 27 2017

Aline you did a great job i love this picture of chris. he was an amazing man and you did a great job raising him

Tiffany Haager-Daniels Oct 27 2017

My darling your smile & playfulness I will miss forever.We love&miss you but charrish the memories.To know you is a blessing. RIP Love you!!

Bobbi Ann Oct 27 2017

Celebrating the Life of Christopher C. Daniels

Aline Daniels Oct 27 2017

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