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7/19/1972 - 2/15/2012
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"This is in remembrance of Cedric 'CJ' Jones, a loving husband, father, son and brother who will live within us forever."

This is dedicated to CJ for the gift of sight he has given and the organs he gave to allow a opportunity to help others. The very same GOD who made him, loved him with all the tenderness and compassion a fathers heart can hold, knew how important he truly was and wanted him most.

We trust and believe that he is in a place overflowing with grace, where every soul is at peace and his soul looks down from above and all he see is a legacy of love.

The Lord is near to all who call upon him and CJ called upon him and he heard his call. And with his big giving heart he would be very happy to know he was able to bless someone who was in need through his physical body.

We are thankful to Lifelink because we truly know that a Celebrated life can never be forgotten. We love you so much CJ and you will live in our hearts forever.

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Celebrate the Life of
Cedric Jones

Celebrating the Life of Cedric Jones

Mrs. Sharon Jones Oct 27 2017

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