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06/18/2019 - 01/18/2021
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"Cassidy Jo- MUM Loves you so much. I miss you every second. You will always be my first baby and will never forget you. I love you so much. Mommy "

Cassidy Jo was smart, fearless and balls to the walls all the time. she was a fierce little girl who was going to take the world by her hands. She loved animals and boy did she love turkeys. We live in CO so we were always in the mountains. My family had a 2nd home in FL and the new home had a pool. Boy were we excited about a pool! well we arrived late at night. of course on a time diff. and a pool we had to go swimming. late night swimming lead to sleeping in the next morning. Not even 24 hours into our family vacation we wanted to go to the store to get swim toys. Getting in the car my baby was missing. Panic and searching everywhere  there she was in the pool. my life was ruined and hear broken. my baby has went to the FUN pool. we lost her. I was lost. My only child was lost on what was to be a fun family vacation. Not knowing that we teach our kids that water is fun. Not Dangerous! Now I have a new baby girl Josie. she has taken ISR lessons from Live LIke Jake a drowning support group for parents. My life has changed. I miss my baby and think her every second. her little sister knows about her and we talk to her each day. she will never be forgotten. Love you baby girl. you are baby for life. I love you so much. miss you more then you will ever know. Mum

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