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October 26, 2015- July 5, 2019
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"Cash Jabron Mansour My sweet, curious, and fearless little boy. Mama misses you so much. Thank you for the love you brought to my life. I love you."

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Cash Mansour

Cash's third birthday, it was just me and him at turtle park because marley was in school. We had so much fun zip- lining and walking though the trails looking at different animals. We went out on the dock and saw a manatee that day. But as we were leaving, cash saw a huge ditch filled with water from a good rain, and he looked back .smiled. And took off faster than I could catch him right in.? he was soaked and had to ride home in just a diaper, but he had fun. No fear in that boy. I miss you so much bubs

jennifer hargrove May 30 2020

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