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3/12/1948 - 7/21/2013
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"To a loving wife and mother. We will miss you forever"

The most loving and giving person ever to enter our lives.



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Carol Kennedy

I remember summer library trips. Going to the base library in that VW Bug, and coming back loaded down with 2 weeks worth of adventures...

Steven Oct 27 2017

I watched my sister (long ago) butter saltines one at a time & crushing them. The recipe called for buttered cracker crumbs. Cracked me up

Alane Ribbink Sisilli Oct 27 2017

We will NEVER forgot our drive to Texas. We teased her, but what we wouldn't give to hear that crunching now.

Sarah &Allen Oct 27 2017

I remember how mom walked in the hospital room for TUMS as I was screaming--Lauren making her entrance, lol...and the look on her face!,

Sarah Oct 27 2017

Celebrating the Life of Carol Kennedy

Ronald Kennedy Oct 27 2017

Although I didn't know Carol well; I knew that my friend Ron loved her with all his heart... more even than Carol loved trees.

Mark Scott Oct 27 2017

Carol always greeted you with a smile and a giggle. We will truly miss her. She was one of a kind.

Ruth And Marcus Walker Oct 27 2017

Carol taught me how to "MEOW" like a kitty. I have been speaking "CAT" ever since. "

Susan Munoz Oct 27 2017

Everyone sitting around the table, telling stories and playing Yahtzee. I'll miss Carol's stories and her giggle/laugh.

Becky Kennedy Oct 27 2017

I'll always remember Uncle Ron telling stories and Aunt Carol rolling her eyes at him. True love. I will miss her immeasurably.

David Kennedy Oct 27 2017

To a loving Sister who will be dearly missed beyond any words that I may express, her kind heart and noble spirit lives on with us.

Bruce Ribbink Oct 27 2017

The flight we took to Florida was so much fun! I will forever remember her smiles! The love and kindness she shown me!

Kai Oct 27 2017

My Aunt Carol was the sweetest and most giving person I've ever met. She kept everyone together and I'll forever miss her.

Shannon Ribbink Oct 27 2017

2 May 1980, ,the day she saved my life and gave me a reason to live.

Ron Kennedy Oct 27 2017

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