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4/27/1991 - 2/5/2013
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"Farewell our sweet beautiful Angel. You will be truly missed. Your laugh is contagious and your heart endless."

Farewell our sweet little girl. Mommy And Daddy will look forward to the day we get to see that beautiful smile. Until the. We know you will be watching over us. We love and miss you more than anyone will ever know.

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Celebrate the Life of
Cara Biggs

the days we spent cleaning your house to make your parents happy. i love you and think of you everyday when I see the sun and the moon.

Carly Stillwell Oct 27 2017

Our beautiful angel. You are so very missed. Not a day goes by that you are not on my mind and heart!!! I love you.

Mama Oct 27 2017

My sweet beautiful Cara, not an hour goes by that you are not on my mind and heavy on my heart. I love you baby!!!

Momma Oct 27 2017

My sweet Cara, you were so strong, confident, loving, caring and loyal. You touched so many lives. Your memory will live on in all of us. <3

Adriana, But You Knew Me As Erin Oct 27 2017

Celebrating the Life of Cara Biggs

Wendy Biggs Oct 27 2017

you showed me your size 5 pants. Why didn't I just put the baby down so I could hug you. Good girl I love you

Gma Oct 27 2017

We all went out for my bday after u talked us into it, & We had a hell of a time! Love and miss u dearly Cara!

Carolyn Level Oct 27 2017

We went to Adventure Island this summer and floated in the wave pool together and floated in the lazy river. It was fun!

Ben Elfering Oct 27 2017

I remember Christmas morning, you trying to put Ashton's toy together. I remember how happy you were that he loved it so much. Your smile

Mommy Oct 27 2017

Even as an adult, it was always Hi

Uncle Terry " In That Sweet Voice Like You Were Still 5 Years Old. Precious Soul. Love You Always." Oct 27 2017

the moments we shared cant be summed up in 140 characters. I love your infectious smile and ur glowing personality lives vicariously in me

Carly Stillwell Oct 27 2017

Cara, i just wish that i would've gotten to see you before you passed. Our memories will live in my heart forever

Meredith Oct 27 2017

I remember surprising u by cleaning your room one day a couple of years ago and how happy u were! I'm glad I remember making u smile!

Adriana - Erin Oct 27 2017

Cara you were such a wonderful little girl and I cant believe you are gone I know you will be truly missed

Jamie Oct 27 2017

We went to A.I. and spent the day together and you were so amazed at how big the kids had gotten. Cherished day.

Aunt Bethie Oct 27 2017

I have too many memories of you to fit in 140 characters, so I will just say this: I cherish every single one. You are severely missed.

Erin Oct 27 2017

We used to play in your parent's room. We played hide and seek &built forts. I remember going to your swim team and cheerleading practices.

Adriana, But You Knew Me As Erin Oct 27 2017

I remember you and Blake @4 taking apart your furniture. You were the tag team turbo twins. Man you could put a serious hurt on him. <3

Aunt Meli Oct 27 2017

You were the realist person I ever met and were always there for me and everyone. No matter what was going on you were there. Love you kaka

Meghan Oct 27 2017

Cara is not what she did, but who she was. She set an example of compassion, determination, and love far beyond her years.

Matt Oct 27 2017

Cara, friend who never judged,a heart of GOLD, and who made me better every minute of everyday.I love you

Carly Stillwell Oct 27 2017

Cara, I loved being around you, you always knew how to make me laugh. I love you and miss your sweet spirit. You will never be forgotten!

Alex Oct 27 2017

I miss you so much and I will always remember your smiling face and contagious laugh. Watch over me angel. I love you so much Cara.

Jessica Perez Oct 27 2017

Cara never got tired of doing little things for others, Now those little things occupy the biggest parts of our hearts.

Starlena Daniel Oct 27 2017

We F'd our 1st test in gmtry., we looked at each other and started laughing! The start of our friendship, glad we failed that test! Lol <3

Ny'Tarsha Williams Oct 27 2017

Dear cara my angel that is now whatching down on us all I will never forget how you made me feel so confident in myself love you.

Sarah Helicke Oct 27 2017

I remember you telling me how much you loved Ashton. You said you never realized that you could love someone much

Mama Oct 27 2017

I remember you saw Ben had a Superman backpack and asking Ben if you could keep it! Ben was so impressed that a GIRL knew who Superman was!

Aunt Bethie Oct 27 2017

Seeing u the last time at the hospital is something my heart will never get over and my mind will never forget. <3 & miss u

Aunt Meli Oct 27 2017

I really miss you. I love you and love your cat too. I miss your laugh and smile.

Kristofer Oct 27 2017

You were my best friend and I love you with all my heart until the day we meet again... My sweet sister.

Rocky Biggs Jr Oct 27 2017

Carebear you made everyone's life around you better, and you are the definition of a truly amazing friend

Damir"Jamah" Pamic" Oct 27 2017

Everyone always said you were my biggest fan, when really I was your biggest fan. I love you lil sis.

Blake (Twins Forever) Oct 27 2017

Out beautiful baby. You are missed beyond comprehension. We miss you so very much. Our hearts are broken with out you.

Mama Oct 27 2017

We are so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby girl. Your entire family is in our prayers. We love you!

Zambito Family Oct 27 2017

Happy Birthday Cara!!! May the angels throw you the biggest and best birthday bash ever. WE <3 YOU AND MISS YOU....

Judy - Cisco Alvarado Oct 27 2017

Happy 22 Birthday sweet girl. Miss you so much today more than ever. Your infectious laugh and big heart.

Aunt Meli Oct 27 2017

Your laugh and friendship will never be forgotten. You showed me how true friends are suppose to be. ALWAYS in my heart my angel :'(

Ny'Tarsha Oct 27 2017

Our beautiful baby girl, we love and miss you. Please save a place for us in heaven. We can't wait to be with you again.

Momma And Daddy Oct 27 2017

My sweet angel you are missed and love beyond words. Your smile and zest for life live forever in my heart. You are my sunshine.

Mommy Oct 27 2017

My sweet Cara, you are missed beyond belief. You are in our thought all the time. We love you more than words can say.

Mama Oct 27 2017

Cara left us one year ago to go home to her father The Lord God. We look forward to the day we will be reunited for eternity. We love you.

Mama Oct 27 2017

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