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3/18/1997 - 2/3/2017
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"Tim, Thomas and I dedicate this page to a wonderful son and incredible brother."

To my blue-eyed first born son: I love you with all my heart and I will continue to do so for the rest of my days.

The love that you shared with family and friends will be the strength we all draw from as we move forward.

I will always smile as I reflect on your humor, your intelligence and your love of music. I plan to go listen to your stations you put on my Pandora radio (before you got your own) and also programed in my car XM radio station. Yes, I will shake my head and try to understand what you liked in your metal music, but I will continue to be in awe of your love and knowledge of classic rock. Our trip to “Rock Hall” (to those outside of the Cleveland area it’s the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) will be my all-time favorite mother/son outing.

You are amongst the stars and in our heavenly universe now. I will never look at the night sky the same, but I will reflect lovingly on the patience you had with your dad, brother and me as you took us on those night sky tours with your telescope.

The choice you made to be an organ donor is what sustains me now in this time of loss. You have given the gift of life to many and in that I find comfort, peace and blessings.

Your name will continue to roll off my tongue as any other proud mom would do. I will share your story with all and continue to share the memories I have of you and our family memories.

Yes, I will have sad days, but I will reach out to family and friends to get me through those times as I hope we all will do. I will continue to love and live life to the fullest and find good in each day because of you.

I love you to the moon and back “Candler-Boo”!

With steadfast love,




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