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June 1,2012 till September 1, 2022
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"Brannon Micheal Harvey 10 yrs old. Born and raised in Gainesville Ga, 5th grader at Oakwood Elementary. Loved by many. "

Your life was a gift to us, your legacy lives on through others. Brannon Micheal was the sweetest 10 year old boy. His smile could light up any room, his personality was one of a kind a true prankster. He had a love for basketball and he had great skills. He was a mommas boy. Brannon would have wanted to help other people in need and with that it helps us as a family know that he lives on in the world by giving others life when he couldn’t do it anymore. Brannon lost his life due to our house fire along with his papa. He will never be forgot and will hold a special place in so many peoples hearts. His impact will forever be known.

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Brannon Harvey

Brannon was a boy that my son looked up to; he wanted to do everything Brannon wanted to do... AJ had a hidden stash of candy just for Brannon for when he would come over... The boys was finally at that age to were they would play good together... They would argue about who was better at the football game on the playstation. I would never forget the prank he did on me. He had Skyler calling me and I was calling Skyler at the same time with some kind of app...I was so confused. When I found out it was Brannon, I just laughed and said well played..A couple of years ago Brannon colored a dragon picture and gave it to me, I still have that picture...I was so tickled that he thought of me to color me a picture...He will be missed so dearly...

Tina Harris Oct 13 2022

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