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July 8, 1987 - November 13, 2022
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"Brandon was truly a one of a kind soul! To know him was to have your life impacted by Brandon He would give you shirt off has back! Truly loved!"


While Brandon’s life was all too short, he had truly lived what seems to be a thousand lifetimes and made the most of his brief time here on this earth!

The generosity from Brandon was astounding to say the least, regardless of the situation!

He call me almost everyday and say, what’s up o’l man!

Brandon gave in death as he gave in life, and touch countless by being an organ donor!

“God Bless You Brandon”

Your Loving Father Forever! Rodney Antaya


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Brandon Antaya

Brandon Antaya, loved to ride my Harley Davidson motorcycles! But, he had the need for speed so, he like the faster motorcycles. Brandon and I would constantly see who could have the best music systems in our house and in our vehicle's as well. Brandon finally had gotten to the point where he was beating his father in both category's! "Love You All M Heart" Dad

Rodney Antaya Jan 06 2023

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