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6/1/1986 - 10/23/2016
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"I dedicate this in memory of my daughter Billie Regina Shockley and my granddaughter Alexis Shockley"

Billie Regina Shockley was 30 years of age. She was a wonderful daughter, sister, aunt and most of all a mother to her 12 year old daughter Alexis. Her life revolved around her daughter. They were always together everywhere they went. She was employed at Fleet Pride Truck where she loved to work. She was a tom boy at heart but dressed like a lady and loved to dance. She also was a daddy’s girl. Billie’ s hobbies were riding a Harley Davidson, bowling, jet skiing, riding 4-wheelers and racing go-carts. She loved to go out on a dirt race track and race her heart out. Her go-cart was #13 and she raced in Ila Georgia at Checkard Flag where she won 1st place in the Powder Puff league. Her favorite sport team was Georgia Bulldogs and she loved to grill out and watch the games with family and friends. Her interest were making monogram labels for cups, t-shirts and anything else. She loved going to the beach in the summer and tubing down the river in Helen Ga. She was very loved by anyone that she ever came in contact with. She was outgoing and never was scared of anything. No matter how bad she felt or if she had a bad day her daughter could always brighten her day. Her favorite song was”Mom”, by Meghan Trainor. My daughter was my baby girl and I loved her with all my heart. Fly High My Angel!

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