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July 19, 2010 - March 9, 2018
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"This tribute page is dedicated to Aubree Kinney. She was always happy and giggling. She has earned her Angel wings. Aubree we will always love you!"

I am no wordsmith, so please bear with me.  Aubree was my Granddaughter.  She was always a joy to be around.  She was a fighter from day one.  Her first life-flight was when she was 3 days old.  Her life was always a miracle!  She had meds to take daily and growth shots every night, but she never complained.  She was just a normal little girl, full of giggles, and laughter.  I remember one-time, she was about 3 she decided her name was Rainbow and for about 3 months she would only answer to Rainbow.  She loved sponge-bob, puppies, and unicorns.  But she also loved playing in the mud with Hunter, her cousin and partner in play.  they were always good with each other.  Most children go through a stage where everything is theirs.  I call it the mine stage, but looking back Aubree never did this, she always shared whatever she had.

A horrible accident took her away to soon.  Her absence has left a whole in our life that will always be empty.  She will live in our hearts forever and by being a donor may help others have a better life.  This gives us comfort.

Aubree is dancing in the sky, playing with unicorns and all the puppies she wants.   Every time I see a rainbow, I know it will be Aubree saying hi!  Grandma loves you Aubree Lei Kinney forever and always!

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