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4/6/1993 - 10/18/2014
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"i am dedicating this to my big sister, my best friend who didn't deserve to leave so soon, but she will forever live on in our hearts."

Ashleigh was an amazing sister and friend. She knew how to make me laugh and smile when I didn’t think I could. She also was fiercely determined. She couldn’t be swayed once she had her mind set on something. About a year ago, she asked if she could bring home a kitten. Of course my parents said no. So she didn’t bring home a kitten…she brought home TWO!! The thing people mention the most when they talk about Ashleigh is her smile. It lit up the room no matter where she was. I was lucky enough to know that smile my whole life. She touched so many lives in her 21 years and I know she will never be forgotten by those of us who love her.

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Celebrate the Life of
Ashleigh Bond

Celebrating the Life of Ashleigh Bond

Ryan Bond Oct 27 2017

I miss you Ashleigh Bond! So many memories to write but your smile is the biggest one. I love you so much precious girl!

Terran Oct 27 2017

Ashleigh was a special person. We have so many fun memories of her. She could light up a room with her beautiful smile. RIP sweet girl x

The Johnson'S (British Family) Oct 27 2017

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