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October 1, 1997 - November 2, 2019
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"Ashby dedicated her life to helping others, her life and legacy will now live through others"

Ashby Taylor Symms was born with a will to fight for what she believed in and to always help others.  She was a 2016 High School graduate that enjoyed spending time with her friends, working with special needs children, singing, reading books and cheering on The University of Georgia’s Dawgs in Sanford Stadium.  She could light up a room with her bright personality and never let her own struggles show when others needed her most.  Ashby spent her high school years helping those in need with her Youth Group at church and went on multiple mission trips to serve others and volunteered at the annual Special Olympics.   She was diagnosed with Epilepsy her Sophomore year of high school and struggled with the fact that she wasn’t like “everyone else”.  She was never able to get her Driver’s License due to the seizures and had to always depend on others to help her get to school and work.  However, the diagnosis of Epilepsy also brought her closer to several friends who also had been diagnosed and struggled in school with being picked on, but Ashby was their “comfort blanket”.   Unfortunately, a catastrophic Epileptic Seizure is ultimately what took Ashby from us on this earth.  She fought and held on for 3 days before she took her last breath, once again to help others.  She had already made the decision a long time ago to become an organ donor, and we made sure her final wish was granted when faced with that ultimate decision.  Ashby was truly one of a kind and will never be forgotten.  The opportunity for her compassion and love to live through others will help our family as we go through life without her.  #ashbysdawgwalk  – her Mom, Tracy

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