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3/10/1980 - 8/23/2014
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"In loving memory of Arik Goodman"

You brightened our lives in so many ways and now you have done the same for others. I am proud of you for that and sad that you had to leave us to do it. Love and miss you every day, with love always, Mom.

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Celebrate the Life of
Arik Goodman

I miss you Arik. Love Aunt Kendall

Kendall Goodman Aug 25 2022

Celebrating the Life of Arik Goodman

Lynn Schaefer Oct 27 2017

Arik, I love when people ask me about my wristband. I always get a satisfaction telling people I know Superman's double. God bless you.

William Diaz (Prime) Oct 27 2017

Thinking of you son,missing you.I'm here with your babies wish you could see them their growing like weeds,getting so big.I love you

Mom Oct 27 2017

Hi Arik playing a word game remembering how I enjoyed battling your wisdom. You'll always be in my heart right next to Dad love u! Aunt Dana

Dana Hall Oct 27 2017

Thinking of an missing you son!I Love You

Mom Oct 27 2017

Missed you on Xmas. Love you!

Aunt Dana Oct 27 2017

Another birthday past, miss you and love you so much. Thinking of you always. I Love You.

Anonymous Oct 27 2017

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