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1/23/1986 - 7/16/2009
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"To my sweetheart Andy, as he is forever loved and forever missed. we all still think about you daily."

It’s hard for me to find the right words to describe the most incredible guy that has walked into my life. There just aren’t any words for how great he is. How much he’s loved and how much we all miss him. Without him here to give us hugs has left a huge hole in our hearts. Andy Hatcher is caring and kind. He’d go out of his way to help anyone in need. No matter if it’s just helping move something, working on a vehicle or helping someone get out of a ditch. Even if he doesn’t know them, he’s always willing to lend a hand. He is always encouraging you to do your best, go for your goals, and dreams in life. He did for me when I decided I wanted to go to school to be a pastry chef. He stood by my side, and was happy to be my tester of whatever dessert I was making. Andy touched so many people, though he was quiet. He would stand in the background until he got to know you better. He isn’t one to judge you because of your looks, or who you hung out with. He wants to get to know you, even when people don’t give him the chance. He is always willing to give a chance to others. I miss Andy so much. He’s my heart, and without him to stand next to me, holding my hand, a big part of me is missing. I could never ask for a better partner in life. He asks for nothing, and is so grateful for the simple things. Like looking at the stars together or just riding around just for fun. I miss watching him work on his vehicles, and lending a hand when I can. I miss how great he is at fixing anything, and the look that crosses his face when it doesn’t work out how he wants it to. But he doesn’t ever give up. I wish more people got to experience time with Andy as I did. He was always trying to make you laugh, and enjoyed pulling pranks on anyone he could. If he could scare you that would make his day, and he wouldn’t let you forget that he got you. Andy just wanted people to be happy, and smile. He wanted them to have fun. He lived his life always having fun doing what his heart desired.

I’m grateful that Andy chose me and brought me into his wonderful family. He’s missed more than he could have ever imagined. As we all struggle with him not being here. We think of all the amazing gifts that Andy has given us, just by knowing him. He will forever be my heart and greatly missed by myself, his parents, his family and friends we will never forget you Andy Hatcher, you have made us all better people by being in our lives.

With all my love I write. ~ High-D Klump

“Andy may you be waiting for us on the 2track on the other side” ~ Sam Martzolff

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Celebrate the Life of
Andy Hatcher

Celebrating the Life of Andy Hatcher

High-D Klump Oct 27 2017

may u be waiting at the gates with the greatest hot rod the heavens have seen. I've got shotgun.LOL. [email protected] imissubrother

Antoine Oct 27 2017

I Love you Andy... i still feel like yesterday you were trying to pull my arms off to get our first kiss.

High-D Oct 27 2017

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