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March 3, 1985 to January 2, 2018
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"To our precious son, Andrew. You are missed by your family and friends. We love you and will always remember you as a great son and brother. "

Andrew was an amazing young man. Andrew was so smart, funny, kind and giving.  He had many, many friends.  He graduated from college with a 4.o GPA.  He was always there if you needed him. Andrew had a great sense of humor and his laugh was contagious.  Andrew loved the Lord and did not apologize or compromise  for his faith in Jesus.  A day does not go by we do not think of him.  Andrew was a loving husband, a best friend to his little sister and big brother, a kind and caring grandson and a precious son to his parents. It is because of his love for his grandmother that he became a organ donor when he was 16 years old.  Andrew touched the lives of so many and continues to do so even in his memory. Andrew, our love for you will never end and we will one day meet again in heaven. God Bless you Andrew, for you had been a blessing to so many.

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