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April 6, 1983 - December 6, 2016
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"Dedicated to the most beautiful boy in the world~ MY SON Allen~ You were my biggest joy the day you were born and even in death remain the same~"

Dear Allen,
Of all the special gifts life brought big or small, I thank God because you were the greatest gift of all! A special time, a special place, a beautiful face on a gorgeous baby boy that nothing can ever replace. The day you left my world, you held tightly to my hand and took the biggest part of me with you. My world has a deep void that nothing can fill and what is left of me without you endless times kills. One day we will be together again and never to part in that place where no more tears fall and only smiling faces are. I miss you more each day that passes and no one can speak any peace or comfort to me. The only comfort I find is knowing you are forever safe in Gods loving arms and you know no more pain. I love you son! Your dad and I will never be the same without you in our world. Fly high as the Heavens allow my beautiful baby boy. You have earned your wings. You may be gone from this earth but remain for eternity in my heart and soul!

Love always, your dad & mom~ 

Willie & Jasmin



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Allen Toler

My beautiful son, This December will be 3 years that you have been gone from my world. I dream of you often and it is always dreams of you being a small boy again. Full of life and always laughing , but then I awake to find you are still gone , my heart is still crushed and my world is still black. People say time heals all things, but no amount of time will ever stop the tears, pain or missing you. I know you are with my dad having many laughs and enjoying time that had been lost but my heart still grieves and my tears never stop. So many things have taken place since you left and I wish you were here so I could just hear your voice once more. I still send texts to your phone and talk to your picture in mine and your dads bedroom every night. Your dad misses you more than he can speak of. All he ever does is stare at your picture in the frame and talk about how proud he was of his only son and how he wished time could reverse. Oh how I wish that God would have allowed you to stay a little longer, but it would have never been long enough. I am struggling every day to make it to where you and my dad are. I promise I am!! Just always keep your eyes locked on the bridge that crosses from that great divide and one day you will see me coming. I love you so much and miss you profoundly my gorgeous boy! Love always , mom

Jasmin Toler Nov 08 2019

Son, You know I am not much for writing but I know I had to post something to you so you would know how much I miss you. You were my only son and one that I cherished. I have never been so proud of something like I was to have 2 beautiful kids as you and your sister and honored to call you MY children but more honored to be called your dad. Life was unfair to have stole you away but I know you are with your Poppy now and we all will be together again one day soon. A land where there will never be any more goodbyes or sadness. Thank you for being a good son who made me always proud and quick to tell everyone, thats my boy!! I love you Allen~ Until we meet again over there.

Willie Toler Feb 15 2019

My dearest grandson, I miss you more than I could ever tell you with my own words but no one could ever be missing you more than your mom and dad. Your Poppy left us on 1/9/19, almost 2 years to the date when you left us. I find comfort in knowing he is with you now and you will be watching over him. He grieved so hard when we said our goodbyes to you for the last time on December 6, 2016. None of us have been the same since you left us. Now it starts all over with your poppy leaving us. I miss you and love you Allen so very much. Thank you for being a good boy to your parents and an awesome grandson to me and your poppy. You were all of our pride and joy. Rest peacefully in Gods arms until our big reunion day coming. I love you Allen. Love Memaw

Emily Adams Feb 15 2019

Allen, Uncle Mike and I love you so very much. We will always miss you and we think about you every day. Not a day goes by that you are not on our minds. We will see each other again one day soon. That day all of our family will be reunited and never have to say goodbye again. Uncle Mike & Aunt Amy

Amy Errecart Jan 03 2019

Allen, When I lost you I lost my fishing buddy and sidekick but the deepest loss of all was I lost my only son. I have many fun and crazy memories to hold on to but words will never describe the loss I have suffered since I lost you. I remember you always being the comedian of the family and kept us always laughing. Since you left the laughter has died. Our world is now very quiet without you. I miss your calls telling me to drop everything I was doing because you would be going live with one of your tournaments. I miss your laughter, your voice , that smile that you took after your beautiful mom, one that would crush any heart. I will never understand why I was chosen to give up my only son but I have to always remember that God knows best. I love you Allen and one day we will be together again never to say goodbye. Thank you for being the best son that a dad could ever be blessed with. Love your dad, Willie

Willie Toler Jan 03 2019

My beautiful boy Allen, where do I begin to try and express my shattered heart? If I had a thousand years, it would not be enough to tell you how much I miss you. Death stole you away and it was not fair. For the one who could've helped that night but did not , God will bring justice in your name. For the one who claimed to love you but put a wedge in between a mother and her son, God will judge harshly. I hear you tell me not to hate and to let God have it all but it will remain my daily struggle!! I know we will be together one day and God will restore all you and I lost in this life. You were a joy to me from birth till death and never brought disappointment no matter what turns your life took. My heart bleeds for you with each breath I take. The day you left my world , I told you to hold onto me and not let go, you did exactly that. You took a big part of me with you when you left and I have never been the same. My whole world went black. All I have now are only memories and pictures that I will forever cherish until we can once again be together. That day I will never have to let you go ever again and will kiss your gorgeous face. Until our great reunion, always know your candle is forever lit by your urn and your picture kissed daily. I love you Allen!

Jasmin Toler Dec 24 2018

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