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10/25/1988 - 10/16/2010
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"To my beautiful daughter Alicia Lauren Hartman - you are missed every minute of every day!!"

Words can never describe the loss inside my heart and soul. It will never feel real for all of us. You were bigger than life and we can never accept that you won’t be coming back.

You left us with the most beautiful little boy and he is so much like you. Brodee Makai Hartman is so full of life – just as you were. He has your eyes and your laugh. He asks so many questions and no matter how hard we try to give him the answers – we can only hope that we help him to understand how much you love him and that you would have never have left him. It is just the saddest thing that we will never understand on this earth.

I look forward to the time that I will see you at the gates of Heaven. Keep looking for me my beautiful daughter as I will be waiting to join you and until that time I will do my best to raise Brodee the way that you would.

Our family and friends will never be the same without you. I hope the people that received your organs know how special they now are because they have your heart beating inside of them. I can only imagine the sudden unique style they now have and they probably don’t understand what happened but we know.

You are my beautiful angel and you will be forever missed.

I love you so much my precious angel and I need you to help us be able to keep going as it is so hard. Your beautiful smile and your laughter are always missed.

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Celebrate the Life of
Alicia Hartman

Celebrating the Life of Alicia Hartman

Susan Hartman Oct 27 2017

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