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AUGUST 1, 1993-FEBRUARY 23,2023
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"Our beautiful, green-eyed hippie-flower child was deeply loved by her 12 brothers and sisters, parents, cousins, friends and adorable son, Eli. "

Our beauty struggled to find her footing on this face paced planet and always yearned to find a place where peace and love were the anthem. We joked she was born in the wrong decade and would have loved the 60’s. I called her my chamelion because she loved to change her look every day. Flowers in her hair, multi-colored wigs, fringe,tie dyed shirts and bare feet we her favorite accessories.

She loved to be out in nature, loved photography, antiques, beaches, Bob Marley and anything that connected her to a more peaceful time.

Her son and greatest legacy, has her gorgeous eyes and smile and a love for the outdoors. Her favorite place to visit was the Covered Bridge festival in Indiana in fall. She had a special love for walking on traintracks .. which we believed was because she hoped to travel one day.

Although her dreams were cut short we all hope the recipients of her gifts will now be given the chance to fulfil her unfinished life in some way. Possibly by carrying a piece of her they may one day find themselves loving nature a bit more, loving sunsets and fullmoons, sunflowers and butterflies.

That was our hope anyway as we watched our dandelion blow away in the wind. May the seeds that land, fill a field with beautiful yelliw flowers and contue to grow indefinitely♡

Forever…we will miss Our Allie ♡ God bless her recipients♡

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