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7/22/2003 - 12/25/2012
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"Dedicated to our beautiful Abby and the life and love that she gave so generously every day."

We were living in Albuquerque, New Mexico anxiously awaiting the birth of our 2nd child. Hannah our oldest was 2 and couldn’t wait for her baby sister to arrive. Even before Abby was born things were going to be done her way on her time schedule. Nana and Poppy arrived from West Virginia to help since we were living out in the wild west on our own. We had the best 3 week visit before Abby made her joyful appearance into this world! It has been an amazing 9 year journey since then. Abby LOVED her family beach trips with both the Moore and Bacho families. She loved being thebig sister” when little sister Charlotte arrived in July of 2007. As parents you have your good days and your bad days with your children but you begin to learn that each child is a gift and different in their own way with the personality and spirit that God has given them. God graced Abby with an abundance of spirit! With that was also a huge heart and true love for family.

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Celebrate the Life of
Abigail "Abby" Bacho

It is a normal summer night at our house. We miss her so much that our chests ache. Just like always.

The Hoyings Oct 27 2017

Once after eating a red popsicle, Abby had red all around her mouth. She asked me if I liked her red lipstick. She always made me laugh!

Mal-Mal Hennie-Roed Oct 27 2017

Abby always had a new dance routine that I would have to learn whenever I babysat. I will always cherish them!

Madi Hennie-Roed Oct 27 2017

Her smile and excitement was always a blessing. I loved her unique personality especially her style!

Aimee Allen Oct 27 2017

Abby always had a big smile on her face that would light up her eyes, especially when she was telling a story. We will never forget her!

Mary, Tim, Alex, Madi, Malorie & Ashton Hennie-Roed Oct 27 2017

Abby was always the first one to greet me at the door. I know that her beautiful face will be the first one I see in heaven.

Kari Valladares Oct 27 2017

Always a smile, hug & joke from an animated, excited Abby. I finally get it Abby; Chick-fil-la is not open on Sundays! Love you bunches!

Monique, Daniela & Bella Bacho Guerrero Oct 27 2017

I'll miss Abby walking in the salon in the latest styles, her smile & laughter, her interrupting Nat's stories & love of her pretty hair.

Sara Dewberry Oct 27 2017

I met Abby as a bubbly little 3rd grader. She was full of smiles and hugs! I loved being her teacher!

Terry, Lola And Chloe Hasting Oct 27 2017

Celebrating the Life of Abigail (Abby) "Bacho"

Bacho/Moore Families Oct 27 2017

We will always remember Abby's sweet friendship on the playground. She always included the little girls to play and made them feel special.

Karen And Anna Catherine Couch Oct 27 2017

Abby told me daily about a horse. I thought she lived on a farm. So, I asked. Mom said, 'we live in a subdivision, we don't have a horse!'

Tammy Kirkland, Abby'S 3Yr. Preschool Teacher Oct 27 2017

Abby was one of the sweetest students I have ever taught. I miss her smiling face and positive attitude. What a blessing she was to so many!

Jennifer Kennemur Oct 27 2017

We love you and will cherish the memories of our time together forever.

Uncle Charlie, Aunt Beth & Cousins Amanda And Olivia Moore Oct 27 2017

We will always remember our chat in Amelia Is.Abby was 2,she talked for 30 min and batted her eyes,In P.j.s and heels!We'll miss you ALWAYS!

Taylar, Logan, Corey,&Angie Wilkinson Savannah, Ga Oct 27 2017

My favorite Abby memory comes from the beach, where Alli & Abby spent their evenings sipping daiquiris & giggling in the hot tub!

Denise Hoying Oct 27 2017

We feel confident Abby has organized an angel soccer team & Nana Martha is managing & coaching. What JOY that will be for both.

Cousins-Darv And Glenna Deskins-Texas Oct 27 2017

I remember last May when Abby put on a one woman show for half an hour to keep from taking a shower. She had it all. I love you, Abby

Aunt Lois Oct 27 2017

I miss you but will see you soon. When I do miss you I listen to our video on my iPod and I smile.

Chloe Hasting Oct 27 2017

When we were in 2nd grade, our teachers tricked us into eating bitter chocolate. The face Abby made was so funny!

Erin Denton Oct 27 2017

Not sure if Abby ever agreed to the relationship :) but Abby B will always be remembered as Ryan's 1st girlfriend.

The Little's Oct 27 2017

I'm going to miss you knocking on my front door almost daily asking if Macie & Braylee were home & could come play!

Marston Family Oct 27 2017

Abby, you were a great soccer friend. Every time I score a goal, I know you will be with me.

Madolyn Miller Oct 27 2017

Abby, You were truly the exact living embodiment of an angel. There is no way anyone will forget you. See you when I get to heaven.

Jessica Miller Oct 27 2017

Abby's beautiful smile will always remain in my heart.

Beth Miller Oct 27 2017

Abby was a great soccer player, willing to do anything with a smile.I cherish every moment I spent coaching her on the soccer field.

Rusty Miller Oct 27 2017

Abby was the one person who could be tough on the soccer field and stylish in high heels all in the same day.

Katie V. Oct 27 2017

We will forever hold onto that beautiful smile that lit up any room she was in.

Michelle And Shawn Valentine Oct 27 2017

You are one of the special angels God needed and your spirit is with us always. You are among many special angels now.

Gina Miano Oct 27 2017

Abby was always so funny on the car ride home from school. I will always keep you in my heart!

Ashton Hennie-Roed Oct 27 2017

Abby's sweet smile, her joyful heart and enthusiasm were contagious! Caleb loved her fun spirit! So blessed and touched by her!

The Cashions Oct 27 2017

We will forever miss everything Abby. Oh What A Joyful Day It Will Be When We All Get To Heaven! Only Love

Anonymous Oct 27 2017

Will always remember Abby laughing and playing in the sand with Sarah at Myrtle beach. Thank you for your laughter and innocence.

Marc And Sarah Miano Oct 27 2017

I remember Hannah coming over to play with Katie and Abby wanting to stay & hang with the "Big Dawgs". I Loved her eager

Wishful Spirit Oct 27 2017

I will always carry Abby in my heart. She made the world a wonderful place with all of the people's lives she touched.

Jennifer Parker Oct 27 2017

Abby was a precious, beautiful girl! I will always remember her wonderful smile and how kind she was to others! She was a blessing to us!

Terri Lassetter Oct 27 2017

Such an imaginative, lovely, funny, and precious girl, and one of the sweetest families I know. God bless all of you!

Tammy Kirkland Oct 27 2017

I loved having Abby over for play dates. She would always make Lilly giggle. Great memories!!!

Kim Arnall Oct 27 2017

Missing your smile.

Lola Oct 27 2017

This Young Little Beautiful Girl Was One Of My Friends

Torah Oct 27 2017

Abby i will always remember you as a sweet and beautiful young girl that was full of joy and happiness

Kennedy Oct 27 2017

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