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Medical Examiners, Coroners and Funeral Homes

Medical Examiners, Coroners and Funeral Homes

Each year, thousands of lives are saved, and tens of thousands more improved, with the support of medical examiners in Florida, Georgia and Puerto Rico, coroners in Georgia and funeral homes in all LifeLink service areas. Medical examiners, coroners and funeral homes support families through some of the most difficult days they face in the aftermath of a loved one’s passing. As community partners, their support of organ, tissue and eye donation allows families to carry out their loved ones decision, or make a decision in the event their loved one did not decide for themselves, to save lives as a donor.

LifeLink works with medical examiners in Florida, Georgia and Puerto Rico, as well as coroners in Georgia, to facilitate organ donation and ensure that the donation process does not interfere with necessary forensic investigation of cause or manner of death. Medical examiners and coroners also work with LifeLink to identify individuals who have passed away outside of a hospital setting, known as a scene death, who could be considered as a tissue and eye donor. Together, LifeLink and medical examiner or coroner personnel determine donation suitability, obtain clearance to ensure any investigative process can be completed, and offer families the option of tissue donation. Collectively, this collaborative work gives patients waiting for transplantation improved quality of life, and often provides the family of each potential donor with some comfort in helping others in an otherwise tragic situation.

Resources to Support Grieving Families

LifeLink actively works with and empowers medical examiner, coroner and funeral home staff to understand and take action in their role and support of the donation process. LifeLink provides various educational programs and in-service workshops, and builds relationships of mutual trust and respect so that investigative and family care needs, as well as needs for donation, can be met. Resources are available to assist in support of families whose loved one was a donor.

  • Donate Life Flag Program

    The Donate Life Flag program honors those who have given the gift of life through organ, tissue and eye donation, celebrates renewed life of all who have received a lifesaving transplant and remembers those patients who still wait for the transplant they need. This program is most often utilized by funeral home partners, but we welcome medical examiner and coroner partners to join us and share the message of saving lives through donation by flying a Donate Life flag, provided to you at no cost.

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  • Helpful Guidance

    For families who wish to share their loved ones’ donation stories at a memorial service, in their obituary or through memorial contributions, LifeLink provides suggested language and options, and can provide literature to be shared with attendees. Memorial contributions honoring the gift of donation provided by an organ, tissue and eye donor can be made to LifeLink Legacy Fund, which supports the mission of LifeLink Foundation.

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  • Educational Programs and Materials

    LifeLink offers in-service and educational programs regarding organ and tissue donation to all medical examiner, coroner or funeral home staff. Presentations can be customized to the needs of the needs of the medical examiner, coroner or funeral home, and can be planned for short sessions or more in-depth learning for longer periods of time. Tours of LifeLink and an on-site overview of services are available as well, including tissue bank services. If a funeral home offers pre-planning services, LifeLink can provide informational material to share with your community as they make end of life decisions.

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