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Donors, when registering on their state organ and tissue donor registry, or their families, can consider allowing organs and tissue which cannot be transplanted to be donated for medical research. Such decisions, as well as general or non-identifiable data about organ and tissue donation, provide a wonderful opportunity to leave an additional legacy with immeasurable impact on the future of patients with conditions which result in organ failure, or other devastating illnesses.

Through research, we can increase the number of lives saved through organ and tissue donation and transplantation with improved organ and tissue recovery methods, innovation in post-transplant therapies for patients, targeted public education to address specific misperceptions or barriers to donation and transplantation in our communities and many more advance treatments for diseases that may lead to organ failure. LifeLink supports research efforts to enhance the available supply of organs and tissues for transplant patients and to improve patient clinical outcomes after transplantation, and participates in partnership with organizations whose projects and objectives complement our life-saving mission. Donated organs and tissues used for research can positively affect the health of many patients.

Please fill out a Research Project Application if you have a research project, and wish to be considered for partnership with LifeLink Foundation to increase the number of lives saved and impacted through organ and tissue donation and transplantation.