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HRSA Workplace Partnership For Life

Welcome to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Workplace Partnership For Life program for hospital partners! This program, launched by HRSA in 2011, is a national initiative to encourage hospitals and their respective state hospital associations to work with local donation organizations to incorporate the Donate Life message for donor registration drives, social media campaigns, hospital publications, digital communications and other events to raise awareness about organ, tissue and eye donation with staff, patients and community members. We appreciate your commitment to a donation-friendly community and increasing the number of registered donors and ultimately, saving lives… one “Yes!” at a time.

The Workplace Partnership For Life campaign runs annually from October 1st through April 30th. Prior to campaign kickoff, your LifeLink representative will provide a range of Donate Life activities for your hospital team to select from and implement within your hospital campus. Your LifeLink representative will provide support with activity planning and when Donate Life activities are taking place. Campaign participants can earn bronze, silver, gold and platinum recognition levels from HRSA.

National Donate Life Month Social Media Graphics/Materials

“Thank You” Social Media Graphics

“Waiting” Social Media Graphics

Living Donor Day Graphics

Blue and Green Spirit Week Graphics

Blue and Green Day Graphics

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National Pediatric Transplant Week Social Media Graphics/Materials

Donate Life... A Simple 3 Step Process!

  • Step 1: Learn the Facts

    • One organ donor can potentially save 8 lives and impact more than 75 through the gift of tissue donation.
    • Donation has no age limit – individuals can register as a donor regardless of age or previous medical history. Nearly every individual has the ability to give the Gift of Life through organ, tissue and/or eye donation.
    • Currently there are more than 108,000 men, women and children on the national organ transplant waiting list; more than 5,000 of those patients are listed at Florida based organ transplant centers.
    • Unfortunately, 22 people pass away each day in the U.S. because an organ was not available in time.
    • There is no financial burden for organ, tissue or eye donation on the estate of a donor and/or a donor’s family. All costs associated with giving the Gift of Life are incurred by the organ, tissue and/or eye donation organization.
    • All major religions support donation as a personal decision and generous gift.
  • Step 2: Register Your Donation Decision Today!

    • Join the organ, tissue and eye donor registry to save lives today! Visit for more information. Don’t forget to indicate in “Heard About Us” information field that you heard about donation via “hospitals” and specify your hospital campus, so that we can track your Donate Life efforts in reaching fellow hospital team members and local community!
  • Step 3: Encourage Others To Register Today!

    Share the important message of organ, tissue and eye donation with your family, friends, colleagues and community by posting your donation decision on your social media accounts, via email and/or by word of mouth! Don’t forget to direct them to visit for more information and to follow your example by joining the donor registry today.

More Information

Please contact LifeLink Hospital Development with questions and/or for more information. Florida-based hospital partners should contact (813) 804-4474. All Georgia-based hospitals should direct inquiries to (800) 544-6667.