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Guidance for Donation in Obituaries and Memorials

Guidance for Donation in Obituaries and Memorials

A family may wish to have their loved one’s gift of life recognized formally in the obituary, you may suggest any of the following phrases:

  • ___ gave in death, as he/she gave in life. ____ was an organ and/or tissue donor.
  • ____ gave the gift of life through organ and/or tissue donation.
  • In his/her last selfless act on earth, ____ was an organ donor.
  • His/Her family is thankful he/she was able to be an organ and/or donor and give the gift of life to many others.
  • ______ loved ones have ensured his/her legacy will live on through organ and/or tissue donation, and through that generous decision, ____ will touch countless others as the family members, friends and communities of those who receive his donated organs and/or tissue will be forever impacted by their improved quality of life, made possible through these selfless gifts.

Contributions Honoring Donation

If a family chooses to request contributions in honor of their loved one becoming an organ, tissue or eye donor to be made to LifeLink, the following verbiage could be used:

In lieu of flowers, the ______ family respectfully requests contributions in ____ memory be made to LifeLink Legacy Fund. LifeLink Legacy Fund is a separate non-profit organization which support the mission of LifeLink Foundation. Financial contributions can be made online or sent through the mail. Click here for donation information.

*Each tribute and memorial contribution is appropriately acknowledged. Learn more about LifeLink Legacy Fund:

LifeLink Legacy Fund