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Georgia Donor Family Holiday Cards

Donor Family Holiday Cards

Thank you for your interest to participate in LifeLink’s holiday card program, where we are offering you the opportunity to send a customized holiday card to your loved one’s organ recipients. Once online orders are received, LifeLink will send the requested amount of cards to the mailing address provided on the order form. Please feel free to add an additional message to the cards provided and/or simply sign your first name. For additional guidelines on writing to your organ transplant recipients, please click here.

  • Donor Family Holiday Cards

    Holiday cards are free of charge and are available to you, as a donor family member, to send a message to those who received the gift of life thanks to the heroic generosity of your loved one. We understand that the holiday season can bring about many emotions amidst dealing with the loss of a loved one and hope that this opportunity to connect with your loved one’s organ recipients may provide a source of comfort and healing.

    The deadline to order holiday cards has passed.



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  • How the Program Works

    Completed cards should be returned to LifeLink using the self-addressed envelope that will be provided. Once we receive your completed cards, LifeLink will then forward your communication onto the organ transplant center(s) where your loved one’s organ recipient(s) received their respective organ transplant. The organ transplant center(s) will then forward your card directly to the intended organ recipient(s). This process can take several weeks, so the earlier your holiday card order is received the better able LifeLink is to ensure that all cards are delivered to the organ recipient(s) in time.

    Please be aware that you may not receive an immediate response from your loved one’s organ recipient(s), or a response at all. The donation and transplantation process is a highly emotional experience for all involved and, on occasion, some organ recipients feel unable to find the “right” words to express their gratitude for the gift of life they received and hesitate to respond to their donor family. Please know that regardless of if/what follow up communication is received from your loved one’s organ recipient(s), they have a deep appreciation for the gift of life they received because of your loved one.