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Donate Life Flag Program

Donate Life Flag Program

The Donate Life Flag program honors those who have given the gift of life through organ, tissue and eye donation, celebrates renewed life of all who have received a lifesaving transplant and remembers those patients who still wait for the transplant they need. Many funeral home partners participate in this program, but we welcome medical examiner and coroner partners to join us as well, and share the message of saving lives through donation by flying a Donate Life flag, provided to you at no cost. Generally, a Donate Life flag would be flown or displayed when an organ, tissue or eye donor was in the care of the participating medical examiner or coroner office, or funeral home, for a defined period of time. This additional support of grieving families is both free to participate in and a generous act of kindness for the donor’s family. We hope you will choose to stand with us and let the Donate Life flag fly, and request your Donate Life Flag Kit today.

Initial Donate Life Flag Kit includes:

  • One large Donate Life flag to be raised during visitation and the funeral in honor of the donor (This flag is to be retained by the medical examiner or coroner office, or funeral home, who requested the kit, and can be flown for multiple donors)
  • Donate Life green bracelets to be given to the family
  • 2 smaller garden style Donate Life flags to be given to the family
  • Information booklets about donation
  • Donate Life lapel pins for funeral home staff

Donate Life bracelets, garden style Donate Life flags, information booklets and lapel pins will be replenished as needed, and a new large Donate Life flag will be provided upon request, when the provided flag is showing age or otherwise needs replacing.

Ideas for action:

  • Have an inaugural flag-raising when you receive your flag and share with your staff the meaning behind and purpose of the flag.
  • Take a photo of your flag flying, or with staff, and share it on your social media platforms.
  • Raise the Donate Life flag each time you care for an individual who has become a donor, and keep it flying for a defined amount of time or, for funeral homes, through their funeral service, in their honor.
  • If you do not have a flag pole outside, medical examiner and coroner offices could display the flag in their office or lobby, and funeral homes could drape the flag over the casket to honor the donation, or place it on an inside flagpole.
  • Fly your Donate Life flag the entire month of April, which is nationally recognized as Donate Life Month.

Request a Donate Life Flag Kit

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