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William "Reese" Smith

Hello January and a new face in our 2021 Faces of Transplantation Calendar: Then and Now edition! Let us re-introduce you to Reese!

Then... William “Reese” Smith, Kidney Recipient 2015 calendar participant.

Now...Reese had been sick from birth and his many ailments, including kidney failure, made it difficult to live an entirely “normal” life. In May 2013, Reese’s mom, Alicia, donated one of her kidneys to save his life. His road after transplant was not always smooth, but now at 11-years-old, he thrives and grows. Reese helps others in need by volunteering his time to sell peanuts and lemonade at University of Georgia home football games to raise funds for the same hospital that still provides care for him—to the tune of $35,000 over the last three years. Already, Reese has highlights he is grateful for, like when he met the entire cast of judges from NBC’s The Voice, which was especially exciting because he loves all music and frequently can be found listening to everything from the blues or heavy rock n’ roll to classical music, country pop or Broadway show tunes. Reese loves to perform and often stars in his own concerts at home, along with his brothers, belting out “Sweet Child o’ Mine.”