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Volunteer Spotlight: Trish Phillips

Meet LifeLink ORGANizer, Trish Phillips!

A resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Trish decided to become a living kidney donor for her best friend, of more than twenty years. Trish came to that decision after witnessing Kimberly battle kidney failure and undergoing dialysis to cleanse her body of toxins in compensation for the job her kidneys could no longer do, for over two years. On December 15, 2016, at Tampa General Hospital Trish gave Kimberly  the gift of life, and freedom from dialysis.

Since her donation Trish has been on a mission, as a LifeLink ORGANizer – a volunteer - to inform others about living kidney donation and encourage people to register to become an organ and tissue donor - to be someone's miracle. Donation is so important to Trish, who has been in the broadcasting world for more than 25 years, that she fits volunteer work into her already busy life as General Manager of an AM radio station. In her spare time, Trish has a passion and love for audiobooks and reality TV shows. Fun fact about Trish, she has a Curious George monkey collection and at one time owned and rode two Harley Davidson motorcycles!

We want to thank Trish for her countless hours of service as a LifeLink ORGANizer. If you are interested in sharing the importance of organ and tissue donation and want to learn more about how you can aid in helping spread the Donate Life message, please visit for more information OR register your donation decision and say ‘YES’ to donation today at