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Tissue Recipient Story: Kelly Weible

On April 22, 2023, Kelly Weible, an active wife and avid cruiser, became a tissue recipient after a freak accident left her unable to walk on her own. Kelly was busy cooking dinner when she slipped, falling into a lateral split on the kitchen floor. “At first, I didn’t think I really hurt myself because I could get up and walk. Well, after falling three more times my husband got our walker out,” shared Kelly.  

Unbeknownst to Kelly, she had completely torn the ACL in her knee and would need that walker for the next four weeks until the gift of a life-enhancing tissue graft provided new hope. “I felt like I would never walk again. I had good and bad days. In a blink of an eye, I went from being very active to needing a walker, help with getting dressed, showering and restroom breaks,” said Kelly. Being unable to fully care for herself took a mental toll on Kelly, and her husband, who she calls her rock, played a significant role in keeping her positive throughout her injury with his display of love, care and support.

After an MRI confirmed the extent of her injury the recommended treatment was an ACL tissue transplant from a deceased donor. Kelly is thrilled to share post-transplant, “I have my life back! I am so excited to say that! I can do for myself things that I could not before.” While Kelly continues to recover from her surgery and builds her strength back, she is looking forward to cruising once again in April to celebrate her anniversary with her husband and getting back to her other passion of dance.

When Kelly was younger, she remembers, “I didn’t have organ donor on my driver’s license. Honestly, I was afraid of even the thought of it.” In the last 15 years Kelly has changed her mind, “I am older, wiser and connected spiritually and I’m honored to say I am an organ donor now.”

Kelly wrote a message of thanks and gratitude to her donor’s family. “I feel honored and blessed to have a part of them living on inside of me so that my quality of life can be restored. I will be forever grateful,” said Kelly. She wants others to know how the beautiful act and kindness of registering to become a donor can impact the lives of many. “If by sharing my story will help just one person become a donor, then I feel I have helped to make a difference in a world where organ and tissue donation is desperately needed. It is so important, and it truly is the gift of life that keeps on giving,” shared Kelly.

Thanks to her tissue donor Kelly is once again active, dancing and able to spend quality time with her family! Anyone regardless of age or medical history can register their decision to save lives through organ and tissue donation with their local state donor registry.