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The Bumgardner Family

Jeff and Jody fell in love in college, moved around the country through their work in church ministry and were eventually led back home to Georgia, where they have continued to raise their four children, Caleb, Abby, Ella and Ava. Tragedy struck their family in early fall 2016, when Ella developed a severe headache that led to complications; she was rushed by ambulance to the local children’s hospital, and her family learned of Ella’s life threatening condition - a mass in her brain pushed on her brain stem. Forty-eight hours later, the Bumgardner family made the decision to donate Ella’s organs. “We were praying for a miracle, but we soon realized that Ella could be a miracle for someone else through organ donation.” says Jeff. Ella was outwardly shy in public, but overcame that fear at home where she claimed her family’s attention. Her favorite color was green and it is with green hearts that her family, friends and community remember Ella’s legacy. “There was meaning for Ella’s life. She is still living in the recipients and a part of her is still with us, through them.”
says Jody.