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Tania Perez Diaz

Hello December and a new face in the LifeLink Faces of Transplantation Calendar - Then and Now edition!

Then...Tania Perez Diaz, Heart Recipient 2011 Calendar participant.

Now...Tania is a holistic health coach devoted to helping others with nutritional issues and disorders, and she lives and implements her own healthy lifestyle based on her teachings. Tania knows firsthand how important, and fragile, one’s health can be. Tania was eight years old when doctors diagnosed her with a heart condition that caused her to experience multiple complications—at age 11 she weighed only 54 pounds. Fortunately, a heart transplant restored Tania’s health and allowed her to thrive, graduate from high school and later college, where she completed her certification in Holistic Nutrition. Tania is grateful for the gift of life she received and shares her testimony on TV, radio and at public events as a LifeLink of Puerto Rico volunteer. “This gift changed my entire life, I see everything around me in a different way. I am experiencing new things every day; a career, a boyfriend, new memories…all are possible thanks to Antonio, my donor and his incredible family.”