Say "Yes" Today

Steve Anderson

Hello November and a new face in the LifeLink Faces of Transplantation Calendar. Meet Steve.

Steve developed a deep appreciation for organ and tissue donors and their families through his role as a Hospital Development Liaison with LifeLink, responsible for hospital staff education about the importance of organ and tissue donation. He never imagined he would one day also have a personal connection to the families LifeLink serves. However, Steve was burned over 10 percent of his body during a controlled burn of brush at his home and received skin grafts from a tissue donor that helped heal his body. Steve marveled that months after his accident, his healing was so advanced that no one could tell which side of his  body had been injured. Initially after his accident, Steve, who is an avid outdoorsman and hunter, feared that he would not be able to do the things he loved. Since his recovery, he has been able to resume outdoor activities he enjoys. Steve wrote to his donor’s family and was excited when he received communication back and learned about his donor, Bill, who was, ironically, a firefighter. Steve thinks of Bill daily and tells their shared story at each new nurse orientation. Since his tissue transplant, Steve has a deeper love and appreciation for his job at LifeLink.