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The Casillas-Negrón Family

According to his mother, Nidia, Carlos Julian was full of energy, fun and happiness, and he was generous and liked helping others. His greatest virtue was his sensitivity and empathy, especially towards those most in need. Carlos Julian was the second of three siblings and liked horseback riding, baseball and going to the beach. He also liked his mother's delicious home-cooked meals. Most of all, Carlos Julian loved his daughter, Paulina. Nidia, a long-time employee of LifeLink of Puerto Rico, always felt great empathy for each donor family and knew the importance of living every day as if it were the last. When Carlos Julian passed away, Nidia and her family made the decision for him to become a donor. She recalls, “The sincere support of each of my coworkers was key to be able to continue." Today, Nidia still pursues her mission of educating others about the importance of organ donation, but now does it all in memory of her beloved Carlos Julian.