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The Spann Family and Yolanda Akins

Doctors initially thought Yolanda suffered an asthma attack, however they soon diagnosed a heart issue - Yolanda’s left ventricular muscle had collapsed. Doctors managed her heart disease with medication for 11 years, yet her health continued to decline. In late 2012, Yolanda’s heart function was down to 5%. She was admitted to the hospital to begin her wait for a lifesaving transplant. Just over a month later, in Yolanda’s home town, the Spann family faced a tragedy. Their loved one, Geoffrey, was struck by a car while taking his dog for a walk. Geoffrey had told his family of his decision to become an organ donor and they did not hesitate to honor Geoffrey’s choice to help others – including Yolanda. The families met two years after Yolanda’s transplant and continue to celebrate Geoffrey together. “We lived 10 miles apart, but did not know one another. Now, because of Geoffrey, I have a new family,” says Yolanda. One heart, two families, forever connected.