Say "Yes" Today

National Donor Sabbath Weekend 2017

As the nation took time to honor veterans and their sacrifice to America during the second weekend in November, a different type of hero was also being honored in faith communities throughout the country. National Donor Sabbath is an annual event that seeks to engage all major religions. The weekend is important because one of the biggest myths regarding donation is “my religion/faith leader does not support donation”.

To dispel this myth individuals who have received training regarding organ and tissue donation will often say, “Every major religion either supports organ donation or declares it is the right of the individual to make that decision and the faith leader will not object”. The fact is organized religion was established to help people in need, and what greater need is there than to help someone? That’s what donation does. It helps and heals people in need and all it takes is a “yes” to a decision that will not impact you until after death.

While millions of Floridians have registered to be a donor after death, it is important to continue to share this message with as many people as possible because there is a shortage. 22 people in this country die daily while awaiting a lifesaving transplant. Organ donation occurs in only about 3% of the deceased population, and  it’s important that all individuals for whom donation is an option, and who want to donate, are registered.

There are several ways faith communities can help share this lifesaving information:

  • Allow an ambassador to visit your congregation to share their testimony and donation facts
  • Include an article about donation in newsletters and bulletins
  • Allow LifeLink to host a movie night followed by a question and answer session
  • Allow LifeLink to host an informational table before and after a service
  • Invite LifeLink to take part in a community health fair you’ve planned

Help LifeLink share the facts about donation, and not just during Donor Sabbath. Donation education in faith communities can happen at any time during the year. Please contact us to assist us in our efforts to save lives.