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Morgan Carr Hokanson

Hello November and a new face in the LifeLink Faces of Transplantation Calendar - Then and Now edition!

Then...Morgan Carr Hokanson, Tissue Recipient 2016 calendar participant.

Now...Morgan never imagined that she would experience both sides of donation and transplantation. First, as an athlete and sports enthusiast her whole life, Morgan tore her ACL and became a transplant recipient when she received a tissue transplant to regain full mobility in her knee. A few short months later, Morgan, already grateful for the donor that provided her tissue transplant, experienced the loss of her boyfriend, Blake, in a tragic accident. Morgan and Blake’s family collectively agreed to move forward with organ donation. That experience inspired Morgan to meet the family of her own tissue donor, whose name was Richie. At their first meeting, Richie’s mom, Belinda, had one request—she wanted to take a walk with Morgan and Morgan happily obliged. Morgan has stayed in close contact with “Mama B,” as she calls Belinda, and they have even participated in speaking events together to share their connection. Morgan has stayed physically active thanks to recovery from her injury and enjoys CrossFit, where she found love again in her now husband, Justin, through a chance meeting that would have been impossible had she never received her tissue transplant. Morgan and Justin welcomed a baby girl, Henley, in 2019 and Morgan works for Kia Motors Manufacturing as an orthopedic physical therapist at their industrial occupational clinic to ensure that her colleagues remain active and healthy.