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Melany Flores

Hello September and a new face in the LifeLink Faces of Transplantation Calendar. Meet Melany.

As a young girl, Melany was always full of life and energy. She enjoyed playing volleyball and cheered on the cheer squad, but due to a drastic change in her health when diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis, a condition that causes an inflammation on the liver when the immune system attacks hepatic cells, Melany had to stop all physical activities that she adored. She adjusted to a new lifestyle, began treatment with medication, and continued to study and work while she also maintained a specialized diet for her condition. Still, this was not enough, and Melany’s condition deteriorated so much that  only a liver transplant could save her. Melany, whose hobby includes being a makeup artist, married the love of her life and three weeks after the wedding received a call that a liver was a match for her. Three months after the transplant she was fully recovered and enjoyed regular activities. Melany is grateful for the person and their family that made her second chance possible, for her family that supported her throughout the journey and for her wife, who loved and cared for her.