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LifeLink Employees Giving Back

The concept of giving takes on special meaning for LifeLink® employees.  We know from firsthand experience, without the act of giving, we cannot fulfill our mission of saving lives. Of course, organ and tissue donors give the greatest gift of all, the gift of life. This act of heroism serves as a source of inspiration to the staff at LifeLink, many of whom have been moved to devote their entire career to organ & tissue donation, give extra time and effort through volunteer work, or even to financially give to the cause of organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

Erica Plunkett exemplifies this. An eight year veteran employee, Erica regularly gives both her time and money for the cause of organ and tissue donation. In addition to participating in the LifeLink payroll deduction program, she is also an active member of the Employee Philanthropic Initiatives Committee (EPIC), regularly volunteers with organ transplant camps and assists at LifeLink events in her free time. As a Family Services Specialist based out of the LifeLink Norcross office, Erica also works closely with donor families. When asked why she’s an employee giver, Erica says, “I believe in the mission of our company and feel that LifeLink Legacy Fund is a great way to help those in need of transplant.”

Recognizing the generous spirit of employees like Erica, LifeLink instituted a payroll deduction program for charitable giving so employees may opt to have any amount they wish deducted from each paycheck to support the activities of our own philanthropic endeavor – LifeLink Legacy Fund®.  Erica is among more than 80 LifeLink employees who participate in the payroll deduction program, generating more than $31,000 annually for the Legacy Fund.

LifeLink Legacy Fund is a non-profit 501©3 that supports the mission of LifeLink Foundation. In addition to providing funding to organ transplant patients in need of financial assistance, the LifeLink Legacy Fund also supports various research initiatives. Without financial gifts, LifeLink Legacy Fund would not be able to help transplant patients facing health and financial hardships, nor could they provide the same level of support to their various research initiatives and community grants/scholarships.

You don’t have to be a LifeLink employee to be a ‘giver.’ For more information on LifeLink Legacy Fund and how you too can help organ transplant patients in need of financial assistance, visit

(Shown above: LifeLink employees volunteering at events benefiting LifeLink Legacy Fund)