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LifeLink® CEO, Jean Aiken Davis, Receives AOPO Lifetime Achievement Award

We are thrilled to announce that LifeLink® Foundation CEO, Jean Aiken Davis, was honored with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the recent AOPO Annual Meeting. This recognition not only celebrates her remarkable leadership but also acknowledges the enduring impact she has had on the world of organ donation.

Jean is an exceptional leader who has transformed the landscape of organ donation through her visionary leadership and unwavering commitment. The Lifetime Achievement Award bestowed upon her is a testament to her remarkable contributions to the field. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and ensuring that the personal and profound impact of organ donation remains a top priority within LifeLink®.

Her inspiring journey serves as a beacon of light, motivating others to carry forward the noble mission of organ transplantation and make a lasting difference in the world. Congratulations, Jean, on this well-deserved recognition!