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Katie Taylor

Hello July and a new face in the LifeLink Faces of Transplantation Calendar - Then and Now edition!
Then... Katie Taylor, Bilateral Lung Recipient 2017 calendar participant.
Now... A severe case of strep throat landed Katie in the hospital, and a complication of her illness irreparably damaged her lungs, requiring a double lung transplant. Katie received the gift of life of her new lungs and she hasn’t stopped thriving since. Katie will be graduating in May 2021 from Rollins College and aspires to continue her studies in Psychology. Always a writer of poetry, Katie has transitioned her passion for words into screenwriting and fantasy fiction. She is currently writing a book and script with hopes of getting published and accepted into a Disney Writing Program. Katie is engaged to be married and is excited for her wedding, planned for 2022. Most importantly. Katie is grateful for her donor and renewed health which has allowed her to pursue her dreams.