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Jonathan, “Jonny”, Wall

Jonny, a former construction worker, snapped his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) while descending a ladder. As a single father, he needed his injury repaired so he could continue to support his family. Jonny received a donated tendon to repair his damaged ACL in June 2017. After three months in physical therapy, he was able to return to a physically demanding job as a welder, which requires lengthy stents of standing and moving around. “My donor changed my life forever. Without their precious gift, I would not be able to build a life for my daughter and myself,” says Jonny. His three-year-old daughter, June, makes him laugh every day as she explores and learns about the world. Her favorite thing to do is ride atop her daddy’s shoulders so she can see things from his perspective; a simple pleasure that would not have been possible without the gift of tissue transplantation.