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Jarvis Wright Family

Hello to July and a new face in the LifeLink® Faces of Transplantation Calendar. Meet the Jarvis Wright's Family.

According to Jarvis’ sister, Jamia, she always knew he was special. He was tall, charming, and loved to play sports and video games. Jarvis preferred to work with his hands and after a quick stint at Tallahassee Community College realized he had career aspirations in a different direction. Jarvis was studying for his commercial driver license to help support his young son, at the time of his death in an unfortunate accident. Jarvis’s family was approached about organ and tissue donation and without hesitation, they said yes, hoping he could save and heal others.

Jamia has met Jarvis’s heart and kidney/pancreas recipients. Jamia states that her brother’s recipients “don’t look like me, but I love them,and she considers them her new, blended, family, which has helped her with her healing. Although she misses Jarvis dearly, Jamia knows he had a purpose, and his becoming a donor has helped Jamia channel her grief and heal. Jarvis’s son, now 15, is a mirror image of his father and acts just like him.