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Jacob Mobley

Hello to June and a new face in the LifeLink® Faces of Transplantation Calendar. Meet Jacob Mobley.

Jacob Mobley’s transplant journey began in 2016 when an emergency appendectomy revealed he had liver cirrhosis. He was later diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis, a chronic liver disease of unknown origin. In late 2021, Jacob was hospitalized just days before his wedding due to complications from his disease.

Shortly after, Jacob received a life-saving liver transplant from a donor hero. Despite a challenging recovery, he and his now wife, Rachel, were able to have their wedding ceremony exactly one year after his transplant. Jacob and Rachel express immense gratitude to Jacob’s donor hero and their family, saying, “Thank you for giving someone else an opportunity during such a rough time in your life.”

Thanks to his donor hero, Jacob can do the things he loves like fishing, and spending time with his wife, Rachel, and their first child.

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