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LifeLink® Thanks Local Hospitals Who Earned National Recognition for Promoting Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation

TAMPA – (August 19, 2020) – LifeLink® of Florida is thrilled to announce that 41 local hospitals have earned recognition for their work and dedication in support of organ, eye and tissue donation through the national Workplace Partnership for Life (WPFL) Hospital Organ Donation Campaign. The WPFL is a national initiative that unites  the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), and the organ donation community with workplaces across the nation in spreading the importance of donation and increasing organ, eye and tissue donor registrations. 

Between October 2019 and April 2020, hospitalsacross the county participated in HRSA’s WPFL Hospital Organ Donation Campaign. The program challenged hospitals and healthcare organizations to partner with their local organ procurement organization, in this area LifeLink of Florida, to “let life bloom” by educating hospital staff, patients, visitors and surrounding communities about the critical need for organ, eye and tissue donation and by offering the opportunity to register as a donor.    

During the 2019-2020 national campaign 1,700  organizations  participated and helped add 59,662 new donors to state registries across the country. The campaign has generated 552,026 registrations since its inception in 2011 and unites donation advocates at hospitals with representatives from their local organ procurement organizations, such as LifeLink of Florida, Donate Life America affiliates and state and regional hospital associations.   

LifeLink of Florida recruited 41 local hospitals to participate in the program and supported them throughout with campaign plans, donation materials and educational opportunities. During this year’s campaign cycle, the COVID-19 pandemic struck just before National Donate Life Month, celebrated each April, and challenged participating hospitals to adapt their plans for campaign events during National Donate Life Month while also taking on the pandemic. In recognition of their adaptability and life-saving work, all 41 hospital partner participants received platinum level awards. A total of 151 donor registrations were added to the Donate Life Florida state registry and confirmed as being directly related to the campaign year. 

Across the county over 109,000 individuals are waiting for a lifesaving transplant and 5,300 of those people live in the state of Florida. Unfortunately, every day in the United States 22 people pass away because an organ was not available in time. For the thousands of Floridians listed a transplant provides a second chance and hope for a longer life. Registering to become a donor is easy and only takes a few minutes. LifeLink inspires the public to register and share their donation decision at or when obtaining or renewing a driver license.  

LifeLink of Florida appreciates the dedication and support from all of our local hospitals to help save lives through organ and tissue donation and thanks those that have achieved the HRSA WPFL platinum award this year. For more information about the Hospital Campaign and how your hospital or organization can get involved  


HRSA Hospital Thank You Video   

Local Hospital Platinum Award Recognition 


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