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Hospital Partnerships Create A Donation Friendly Community

A record 31 LifeLink of Florida service area hospitals, 54 from Georgia and an astounding 54 from Puerto Rico, which accounts for 90% of all hospitals in Puerto Rico, will receive recognition for participation in HRSA's Hospital Workplace Partnership For Life initiative that concluded in April, 2016, including a collective 46 hospitals being awarded Platinum level achievement. Platinum level is new this year to really highlight the efforts of hospitals going far above and beyond expectations in educating their staff and communities about the importance of organ and tissue donation.In addition, 54 hospitals achieved Gold level, which previously was the highest level possible, 42 received silver and 25 received bronze. 2016 brought a 214% increase of hospitals recognized throughout the LifeLink service areas over the 2015 challenge.

The HRSA Hospital Workplace Partnership For Life program was originally launched in 2011 as a special effort of the national Workplace Partnership For Life and runs annually from May of one year through April, which is Donate Life Month, of the following year. The program is now active for 2017.
Goals of the program include:

  • Increase organ and tissue donation awareness in the hospital and surrounding community.
  • Cultivate a hospital culture that incorporated educating and registering potential donors as part of their standard mission.
  • Provide organ and tissue donor registration opportunities on state donor registries.

Hospitals are encouraged to participate in organ donation education initiatives reaching staff and/or the community throughout the specified timeframe. Activities include, but are not limited to, flag raising ceremonies, social media promotion, donor registration drives, participating in shared media outreach, employee messaging and more.