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Heart Transplant Recipient Gives Thanks to Local Community Organization For Providing Necessary Assistance that Allowed Her to Receive A New Lease On Life.

TAMPA, Fla. – (February 9, 2016) – This Valentine’s Day, a day symbolic of hearts, Marnita Johnson is giving thanks for, literally, a new heart, received just over 7 months ago thanks to the generosity of an organ donor. After a viral infection left her heart weakened in 2008, Marnita sought help from local medical professionals to fix her condition. Despite her doctors’ best efforts, including implanting a defibrillator in 2010 to regulate her heart beat, Marnita found herself in heart failure by January 2015 and was referred to Tampa General Hospital to be evaluated for a heart transplant. According to Marnita, “I was in denial and didn’t want to believe the severity of my condition. After considering all the factors I got a second opinion in hopes the doctors were wrong. However, the 2nd opinion only confirmed what I’d already been told and that transplantation was my only option for survival.” In August 2015, Marnita was placed on the national organ transplant waiting list and within 48 hours, received “the call” that a new heart was available.

Marnita is one of many organ recipients, alive today through the generosity of an organ donor and assistance from the LifeLink Legacy Fund®. LifeLink Legacy Fund works with organ transplant center staff to identify potential patient candidates who meet qualifications for financial assistance. In 2015 alone, they provided more than $167,000 in financial support for patient care, medical research, grants, sponsorships and more.

In February 2014, LifeLink Legacy Fund launched a new program, the Pledge Program, also known as the Pre-Transplant Patient Assistance Program. The Pledge Program specifically works with organ transplant centers and patients in end-stage organ failure to guarantee necessary funding prior to being listed for organ transplant, in order that patients can be placed on the national transplant waiting list as soon as possible. The goal is to ensure patients have available financial resources to qualify them for initial placement on the national organ transplant waiting list and then have remaining available funds for post-transplant care, including a life-long medical regiment of required immunosuppressant medications to keep patients from rejecting their newly transplanted organ.

Marnita Johnson was a Pledge Program patient… and now a success story, as she celebrates renewed health. Because of the LifeLink Legacy Fund Pledge Program, Marnita Johnson was able to be both listed and transplanted quickly, due to her critical condition at that time. According to Marnita, her heart transplant surgeon said she was the “perfect patient” in terms of quick recovery and healing. Her hospital stay after transplant was brief, and Marnita was able to return to work in November… just 3 months after having received a lifesaving heart transplant.

Marnita continues to thrive, enjoying regular exercise and time with family and friends. “I give thanks to God who made all things possible. Also, my heartfelt thanks go to my transplant team and the nursing staff at Tampa General Hospital; LifeLink Legacy Fund; my family; my pastor and church family; and most importantly, my organ donor”, says Marnita.

The Pledge Program is celebrating a milestone this month as well – its two-year anniversary of enrolling patients in need. In 2015, the LifeLink Legacy Fund Pledge Program pledged more than $24,000 to transplant patient care. The hope is for many more success stories just like Marnita’s in the coming months and years.

LifeLink Legacy Fund is a 501(c) 3 established in 1990 to support LifeLink Foundation’s efforts in organ and tissue donation and transplantation. Over the last twenty-five years, the LifeLink Legacy Fund has emerged into a boundless support system for pre- and post- transplant patients in need of financial assistance. The LifeLink Legacy Fund also provides funding for critical research and programs to improve organ and tissue donation and transplantation. To date, the LifeLink Legacy Fund has been privileged to contribute over $1.4 million to hundreds of individuals in Florida and Georgia. For more information on the LifeLink Legacy Fund or questions regarding organ and tissue donation, visit or contact LifeLink Public Affairs at (800) 262-5775.