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Family of Four: Made Possible Through Transplantation


Trine made history in 1984, when at the young age of two, she became Florida’s first liver transplant recipient. Years later, in 2006, through a chance encounter in a web forum for those suffering from liver disease, she met Ryan, born with liver disease, who was serving as a mentor on the forum. The two exchanged one email, then another, and quickly hundreds of emails were exchanged as the two formed a unique friendship. Romance bloomed and a few months after they began dating, the unthinkable happened. Ryan learned he, too, would need a liver transplant.  2008 was a big year for the couple. Ryan received a transplant in May – and in December, he and Trine tied the knot. Trine‘s donor family was able to attend, making the event all the more special, and her donor’s sister stood with her as a bridesmaid.

Although Trine knew the risks of a transplant recipient carrying a child were high, she and Ryan wanted to expand their family and were prepared, under the close guidance of her doctors, to take that gigantic leap.  History was made once again, in July 2011, when Trine and Ryan became parents to Anderson – believed to be the first child born to parents who are both liver transplant recipients. Trine experienced no complications throughout her pregnancy or her delivery – which was partially related to the fact she was not taking  anti-rejection medications, and had not been for quite some time.  While nearly all transplant patients must take anti-rejection medication all their lives, Trine is unique,in part because she received her transplanted liver at a young age, among other factors.


Today, Trine is a third-year surgical resident at the Medical Center Navicent Health and Ryan is a proposal writer who loves music and playing guitar.  They continue to share their transplant story,  encourage others to learn the facts about donation and register to be an organ donor.

Their second child, Owen, was welcomed into the family this past June. Again, Trine experienced no complications. “Our family is a reality because of our donors. We are beyond grateful for their decisions that allowed us these opportunities to meet, fall in love, and bring our two children into this world.” This family of four made possible through organ donation and transplantation.