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Stephanie and Tom Dye

Hello February and new faces in our 2021 Faces of Transplantation Calendar: Then and Now edition! Let us re-introduce you to the Dye family.

THEN… Stephanie and Tom Dye, Heart Recipients 2009 Calendar participants  

NOW...Tom was a father of two and presumably healthy until he fell terribly ill in the span of a weekend, found out he was born with a condition which made him susceptible to heart problems, was diagnosed with heart failure—and needed a transplant. In 2004 Tom received that gift of life, but his journey to transplantation was only getting started. Because his predisposition for heart disease was genetic, Tom and his wife, Judy, had their children tested for the same condition. Tom’s daughter, Stephanie, at the time an active high school student, was found to carry the same condition. Unfortunately, Stephanie’s condition progressed and, like her dad, a heart transplant was her only chance of survival. Stephanie received the gift of a new heart, bounced back to health quickly and three months post-transplant she attended college. 

 Tom’s donated heart is still going strong, and he is most thankful for the generosity of his organ donor that has allowed him to see his children complete their education, reach his retirement, travel extensively around the world and celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary with Judy. Stephanie also thrives. She now works as a home health coordinator and has exciting plans to elope to Vegas to get married soon. Of the individual who provided her the opportunity to be able to share a happy, healthy and normal life with her family and friends, Stephanie says, “I am grateful for the great live I have; I owe it all to my donor.”